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Book Reviews

Below are some reviews of various aromatherapy type books. Some reviews are years old, and some of the books may no longer be published. However, these reviews should be food for thought as they represent a historical record of the bedrock on which aromatherapy still stands. Most of the errors are still found in the majority of aromatherapy books, and are republished on numerous medicines and healthcare advice web sites.

There are few Aromatherapy books that I have respect for. Most of the popular aromatherapy books have some information that is useful. However, what lets them down badly are the therapeutic properties they attribute to essential oils.

Most of the first writers on the subject such as Lawless, Tisserand, Price, Rose, Worwood, etc., frequently noted the traditional or researched properties of the herbal extract taken internally as a medicine. Then they simply transferred those properties to the plants essential oil intended mainly as external applications. That fundamental and massive blunder continues with most of the modern books.

Why did these authors make these fundamental blunders? The main reason is that most had no training in the real essential oils trade; no formal herbal training; no medical training; no sound training in essential oils chemistry, etc. Due to that, most did not know where to look for accurate information on essential oils. That research information was vast if you knew where to find it, but it was not to be found in complementary medicine resources.

It seems most of the public believe, that if someone publishes a book, that they must be knowledgeable on the subject. This is very far from the truth. Publishers as a whole only care about making money, not on the accuracy of the books they sell you.

Those with this desperate need to live in a fantasy world can buy any of this trades novels. In that respect people should stop and think why it is that the biggest selling books in the world are novels. It is lovely to be able to escape reality by being told that if you rub a bit of lemon oil over your liver that it will cure your gallstones! Those people who write well researched technical books do it for the love of what they do, not for money and fame.

Many books are missing from below. It just happens these are ones I already had basic reviews on.

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Essential Chemistry for Safe Aromatherapy by Sue Clarke

Reviewed by Tony Burfield

A new review of the awful book 'Modern Essentials' A Contemporary Guide to the
Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils" by

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple By David Stewart

Reviewed by Robert Tisserand

Medical Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt.

Reviewed by Martin Watt

Clinical Aromatherapy in Nursing by Jane Buckle.

Reviewed by Maria Lis-Balchin & Martin Watt

Reshaping Herbal Medicine by Catherine O’Sullivan.

Reviewed by Martin Watt

A practical Guide to Aromatherapy by Lorrie Hargis.

Reviewed by Martin Watt

Aroma- & Clay Therapy by R.Ypma

Reviewed by Martin Watt

Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia.

Reviewed by Martin Watt

The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless.

Reviewed by Martin Watt

Aromatherapy The Essential Beginning by Gary Young.

Reviewed by Martin Watt

Aromatherapy For All The Family by J. Kusmirek

Reviewed by Martin Watt

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