Welcome to the Aromamedical web site.

Please note: was established in 1994 and closed in 2014.

The .com name was then acquired by others and I have no connection with them.

This site was closed in 2021 when I was assured it would be archived by the British library, but it was not. In 2022 I checked some web sites selling essential oils and was horrified at the dangerous and inaccurate marketing information that has resurfaced. For the few that do not just rely on the trash found on social media, I decided to put my files back online for now. Here's hoping this will avoid some people being harmed physically and scammed financially. Here you will find:
  •  Articles not influenced by commercial interests.
  •  What essential oils may and may not do.
  •  Information on deceitful trade practices and organisations.
  •  Advice on the dangerous information found on most social media sites.
 •  Guides and links to Essential oil safety issues.
 •  Information on conservation issues.
 •  Book and other reviews.
Do not link to my articles for commercial gain.