This zip file contains some of the archives that I managed to recover from the IDMA newsgroup dating from 1998. IDMA was the main group used before yahoo and others came along. It can be difficult to find things in them, but you can use a word search program to find where specific items are located within the thousands of emails.

These emails were all in the public domain and therefore I am told it is OK for me to repost them. That group no longer exists and some of the members regret not keeping copies of their exchanges. You will find some fascinating and heated exchanges by figures well known in aromatherapy at that time and even now.

People have come and gone over the years in aromatherapy. Unfortunately several of the genuine people got fed up with the con artists and dropped out. These files represent a historical record of the good and bad in our trade. That is something new therapists rarely get informed about by the schools who want students to think everything smells of roses - far from it in fact!

These files have been checked by my anti-virus software, but please do double check with yours.

33 Mbytes with 42 dated sub zip files.

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