Below are the specific articles contained in the compiled files.


included in: 'aroma_book_reviews.pdf'

Essential Chemistry for Safe Aromatherapy by Sue Clarke

The Chemistry Of Essential Oils by David Williams

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple By David Stewart

Clinical Aromatherapy in Nursing by Jane Buckle.

Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia.

Medical Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt.

Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless.

Aromatherapy For All The Family by J. Kusmirek.

"Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils" by unknown.

A practical Guide to Aromatherapy by Lorrie Hargis.

Aroma & Clay Therapy by R.Ypma.

Aromatherapy The Essential Beginning by Gary Young.

A MODERN HERBAL by Mrs. Maud Grieve.

Reshaping Herbal Medicine by Catherine O’Sullivan.
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Education and training

included in: 'aromatherapy_education.pdf'

Major problems with aromatherapy blogs

Specific errors on the site of learning

Education courses worldwide

Where aromatherapy training is wrong - Long

The hype about "therapeutic grade oils" By Tony Burfield

How aromatherapy does and does not work

Examples of teachers misinformation on essential oils

Skin Absorption - The misinformation + 1 by Sylla Sheppard Hanger

Aromatherapy - how to spot the con artists

Aromatherapy organisations and courses

Herbs versus Essential oils-the differences and the errors

Latin names for essential oils & their errors

Lecture to the Royal College of Nurses in 1992

Aromatherapy information for Nurses

Complementary medicine in the UK health services

Letters on UK training organisations

Interview with Martin in 1997 for an aromatherapy journal

Letter to Aromatherapy Quarterly 1997 by Mike Van Moppes

Letter to Aromatic Thymes on various issues 1995

A letter from 1997 to Aromatic Thymes re trade issues

Article for a Russian aromatherapy group in 2006

Canadian courses 1 - some warnings, old but still valid

Canadian courses 2 & claims - warnings on another course

Incorrect safety - examples from Canada

IATA conference (Canada) 1999 General presentations

IATA conference (Canada) 1999 Martin Watt class

Stephie Cyr of Inner Insights – plagiarist and liar
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Therapeutic use issues

included in: 'aromatherapy_therapeutics.pdf'

Misleading claims about essential oils for Covid infections

Essential oils during pregnancy-myths and facts

Herbs during pregnancy-warnings

Fragrance & human fertility

A trade rebuff to inaccurate articles on tea tree oil in 2007

Gynecomastia linked to lavender and tea tree oil 2018

Frankincense oil and anti cancer claims

How to spot fake news and research

Unrefined versus refined oils-short article

AIDS HIV and how aromatherapy may help Joint authors

Ancient Egyptian uses of aromatic plants

Post Sept. 11th - Health advice for rescuers
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Safety, toxicity and related issues

included in: 'aromatherapy_safety.pdf'

Advice on the safety issues of using essential oils

Frankincense oil and claims for its cancer curing activity

Safety issues by Tony Burfield and Sylla Sheppard-Hanger

Photosensitisation - the variables and examples

The Internal use of essential oils

Internal use - review of a NAHA presidents blog

The dangers of using 'untested' essential oils

Blog sites that link to Amazon shops - dangerous essential oils

Hyped oils with safety issues

Benzoin - warnings on its use

Old lavender oil - the dangers

Pennyroyal oil - the myths and facts

Suspect methods of investigating plant toxins

Warnings on consumption of lemongrass oil article on

The common errors on chemical families-direct link

Chemistry - errors on safety issues a review for the IFA

Blending oils and the hype over dangers

Major errors on safety from Canada

VERY DANGEROUS medicinal claims on an Indian web site

Wrong and dangerous information on a web site masquerading as an information resource to earn links money

Another web site giving wrong and dangerous information

Misleading articles on fragrance toxicity

Safety issues of soap making. An article by Butch Owen

Parodies of toxicologists advising Governments
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Essential Oils Production and Conservation

included in: 'aromatherapy_oils_production_conservation.pdf'

Rosemary oil (Tunisian) - growth and production

Rose oil production in Turkey by Butch Owen

Rose distillation - in Turkey in the year 2000

Cinnamon oils What you need to know

Lemon oil-the myths and hype removed

Peppermint oil-the myths and hype removed

Conservation issues - General

Rosewood oil - & global warming

Rosewood oil - why not to use it

Sandalwood oils-Why I oppose their use

Long term threat to Frankincense trees in Ethiopia. Direct link

Endangered species still being exploited in aromatherapy and perfumery. A very long article. By Cropwatch

Conservation issues a slide show. by Tony Burfield.

Buying Essential Oils - and Absolutes. By the late Bernie Hephrun

Hydrosols or Distillation Waters – production, safety, etc.

Natural Perfumery vs Synthetics

Birch oil-an old review of bad research
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Articles about DoTerra; Young Living; Dr Axe, etc.

included in: 'doterra_young-living_dr-axe_compiled.pdf'

Advice for independent distributors/franchises

dTERRA:Detailed report by a person badly harmed by using the methods learnt from dTERRA wellness advocates 2017

Shocking and illegal advice by dTERRA distributors in Europe 2017

dTERRA distributor in the Czech republic and dangerous advice 2018

Dr. Axe: The full review of the 2015 online conference on essential oils exposing dangerous quack medicine

Reviews of the above presentation by Dr J. Axe

Claims of anti cancer activity for Frankincense oil made by YL and DT distributors. The dangers of these oils

The lies about "therapeutic grade oils" By Tony Burfield

Young Living: The death of Gary Young – biased and inaccurate media hype 2018

Gary Young in Somalia - The lies exposed by Mynou De Mey

A critical review of Young Living and their pagan spiritual claims whilst proclaiming an ethical Christian base. Direct link

The UK developing scene of Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils for cats and dogs. Young Livings lies

Young Living Tapes review. Also see the book reviews

Two newsgroup emails on Young Living and other cults

Young Living Files from old newsgroup exchanges

Review of the website and its incorrect information
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Marketing issues

included in: 'aromatherapy_marketing_issues.pdf'

Essential oils via Amazon - the risks

Hyped oils - a huge list Long

The hype over 'organic' oils

Essential oils, production, trading, etc. By Bernie Hephrun Long

Suppliers advice on what to look for

Essential Oils on the Internet

False Essential Oils - sales issues

The state of the trade in 2019

Health links web sites and their scams

The need for Public access to Essential Oils

Natural Perfumery vs synthetics

Marketing Issues - On the Sale of Essential Oils

A few old emails related to the trade
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Miscellaneous issues

included in: 'aromatherapy_etc_miscellaneous.pdf'

Lynette Bosman an Obituary - an important figure in the trade

A tribute to Bernie Hephrun - an important figure in the trade

Professional organisations-a review

Professional regulation nonsense - General

Statutory regulation nonsense in the UK

Trade merger fiasco's (UK organisations)

The European Union and its negative effects on trades

European Union inept regulations

Various Letters and emails on the Trade

Correcting the Nationality of Avicenna by Dr T Nikookar

Emergencies CERMT team - Interview and details of the project

Google are pirates and worse Updated again March 2018

Verizon owning disgusting web companies

Emails bouncing or blocked
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