Most aromatherapy trade associations have desperately tried to improve their
public image and sphere of political influence in the UK. This has been done by
proclaiming publicly "our registered therapists have to abide by stringent codes
of conduct". Yet, I have assembled a small mountain of evidence on leading
members of British trade associations proving beyond doubt that they set rules
for others but ignore the rules themselves. This even spills over into legal
issues, these individuals have the nerve to advise others on how to comply
with the laws associated with our trade, and then their own companies
blatantly flout the law.

"We are setting high standards of education".
Well how can they do that when so few of their teachers have got the first clue
about the subjects they are teaching?

"Being a member of our association protects the public against badly
trained therapists and rogue sales practices".

This is HYPE-some of the most dangerous practices I can think of are
undertaken by members of most aromatherapy trade associations and many
companies selling phoney goods and services are also members.

The real facts are that most therapists only join these associations in order to
get cheaper insurance. The vast majority do not take part in the running or the
organisation which has in turn led to some unsavoury characters gaining
complete control.
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