Just another example of how the disreputable company doTerra spread their immoral business around the world. The below is from the Czech republic where European Union medicines laws do apply, but their Ministry of Health is doing nothing to protect their public from these highly dangerous and incorrect medicinal claims being made by doTerra distributors. They were informed of my last article on DT in Europe and did nothing.

These distributors continue to make these crazy claims about putting essential oils on the feet. For those that do not understand why this is crazy, the feet have the thickest skin of the body through which no essential oils can penetrate. The more oils people waste the higher their sales of course!!

The website below does not provide any references for the claims being made. However, many of them are typical of the lies that used to be on American doTerra blogs before the FDA threatened them with legal action.

All the below was from: http://esencezivota.eu/kladivo-na-tezke-kovy/

The translation to English has been checked by a Czech language expert.


Brown text is their web page.
Blue text is mine.

It was not until recently that the properties of incense have been investigated. It has been found that high quality, pure incense oil has, for example, the following properties: anti-cancer, antidepressant, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, expectorant, stimulant of immunity and calming. Research on the oil and resins has been going on for many years, only a handful of research has been done “recently”.

The properties and quality of incense oil is largely determined by the species of Boswellia tree (there are more than 25 species of Boswellia - of which about 6 are used to produce the resin), the place, the climatic conditions of the country of origin and the correct way of harvesting and processing.

Traditional use involves three methods:

Aromatic – Using a diffusion or inhalation. This method strengthens health, healing, energy, and purification.

Locally - Direct application to the skin or after dilution with carrier oil. Start with 1:3 dilution and increase as needed (especially in children and people with sensitive skin). 1:3 dilution=33% that is far in excess of the maximum use recommended by the IFRA at 8% and far more than most aromatherapy organisations recommend. This level of use could trigger a sensitisation reaction-see the article: 'doTerra_oil_reactions.pdf'

Internally - Use 1 drop under the tongue - morning and evening (immunity support). You can put it in capsules or in beverages. See my article about contaminated frankincense oil. 'frankincense_oil_for_cancer.pdf'

Undiluted - This oil can be applied undiluted - especially on reflective feet or on problematic areas. It is dangerous if undiluted see 'locally' above.
Safety precautions: Use with more dilution and with caution in children. This author does not have a clue about safety issues.

Use of incense oil

Some claims are omitted when the suggestions made are not hazardous.

Add a drop of incense to the warm water, and wipe the problem area a few times a day. Oil and water do not mix unless some chemical is added to force dispersion in the water, especially dense oils like genuine frankincense.

Alzheimer's disease
Spread in the room, drip on the collar of the shirt or on the pillow. Massage into feet and toes at your feet, or use to massage your entire body. Massaging the feet will do nothing other than give them a nice smell.See here.

Inhale directly or from hot water. Massage the reflective plates on the feet.
An aneurysm is a sudden major bleed from a blood vessel and often fatal. It requires immediate emergency medical attention. To suggest this treatment to another person could be classified in law as manslaughter if as a result the individual did not seek medical help and died.

Direct inhalation, inhalation with incense of steam or diffuser. Massage the chest and neck or the foot. This might help but massaging the neck with frankincense oil is hazardous as the skin is thin and vulnerable to a sensitisation reaction.

Dilute with carrier oil and apply to the entire problem area. Add 5-10 drops of coconut oil and add to the bath.Just saying “dilute” without specifying the percentages could cause more skin inflammation.

Massage the reflection points of the feet or try hot tiling, or add a few drops of bath. This advice is crazy, it cannot possibly remove growths inside the uterus or in its wall by such methods.

Inhale with steam and massage each day with 2 drops each hand and foot. Also the outside of the right leg (hepatic meridian). Some types of Hepatitis are serious medical conditions and there is no evidence whatsoever that this will work on such an illness.

Insect stings
Instantly neutralize insect stings and snake biteswith 1-2 drops of incense oil.  This is madness, if someone is bitten by a venomous snake they require fast medical treatment that oil blend will do nothing.

Wound healing (prevention of scarring)
You can apply directly to the wound. Daily application will help heal scars.
Without specifying the type of wound and how bad it is, this is dangerous.

Hepatic cirrhosis
Massage the liver area and the outside of the right foot. Also use aromatic. Here probably mean inhalation with aromatic. A potentially fatal conditionthat this method cannot possibly help. Again this obsession with application to the feet.

Massage your hands and feet as well as preventing the muscular atrophy. I think she means massage the unconscious person, but care is needed that the frankincense oil does not interfere with the respiratory equipment and administration of gases to the patient.

Lou Gehrig's disease
Inhale 1-2 drops of the bowl with hot water. Massage the whole body, always to the heart. Every day rub the feet. This is ludicrous. This disease kills the neurones that control voluntary muscles. In 90%+ the cause is not known. This treatment will do nothing for the condition other than give slight relaxation.

Brain (ageing, disorders)
Use daily - aromatically and locally: massage feet and the whole body, add to bath. Apply to the fingertips on your hands and feet. What the idea of putting the oil on the fingertips and feet is beyond me. Essential oils on the fingers are a good way to cause eye irritation.

Massage the stomach and chest. Inhale with hot water.
You cannot massage the stomach unless you are a surgeon because it is inside the body. This is typical American slang for the abdomen which indicates the source of all this incorrect information.

Tumor (lipoma)
Add 2 drops of incense to the hot water bowl and inhale. Do it at least once a day. Massage the reflective points on the feet and use to massage the whole body. Always massage to the heart. A lipoma is a tumor of fatty tissue. Since essential oils do not penetrate the skin in sufficient volume to enter the circulation, this treatment will achieve nothing.

Nervousness and anxiety.
Inhale incense or apply it locally - on your own or on your temples.
This would be OK if the oils were correctly diluted.

Nose polyps
Pour out of a hot water bowl and massage the base of your toes daily.
This is unbelievable; what are you supposed to do stick your toes up the nose?

Add to a hot water bowl, throw a towel over your head, and inhale until the steam cools. Massage feet and toes.
This is lethal adviceconcussion can be a medical emergency as it always involves a blow to the head. Even those with training in advanced emergency medicine cannot always tell if the brain is damaged. Hospital doctors often have to do a brain scan to see if there might be any bleeding.

Parkinson's disease
Daily or twice a day, inhale the hot water bowls. Use to massage the whole body and massage your feet daily. Massaging with frankincense oil will do nothing other than calm the agitation which of course can be helpful.

Locally on reflective points, breathe in. Internal use is also appropriate. There is no clinical trials data available on treating cancer using frankincense oil. Also see my other article on frankincense for more on internal use.

Viruses in the nervous system
Massage the whole body, always to the heart. Wipe into the reflection points on the feet. Add to a warm bath.
There is no sound evidence that frankincense oil is antiviral in vivo (in the body). There is no sound evidence that sufficient essential oil can penetrate nerves to kill viruses. This is quack medicine.

Use internally in capsules or with food. Massage the affected area or reflection points on the feet. See my article about contaminated frankincense oil. The suggested treatment does not define what type of ulcer or where in the body. Thereforedangerous advice.

Inflamed wounds
Inhale steam with incense oil, add drop to lukewarm water and wipe off the inflamed area. Make a spray bottle of distilled water to which you add a few drops of incense and sprinkle yourself and into the space.  Once again oil in water which does not disperse the oil. Also, no mention of the cause of the inflammation which could be a deadly bacteria.

Trowel at the reflection points on the feet (fingers) and on the hands (fingertips). Trowel the area around your eyes. You can also put in your palms and cover your eyes with your palms and let it work. No essential oil should be used near the eyes as they can cause extreme irritation.

Gastric ulcers
Add a drop of incense to clean water and drink 8-10 times a day. See my article on contaminated frankincense oil. There is no traditional use of frankincense oil for this condition, only the chewed resin was used which contains chemicals that are not in the essential oil.

Incense oil easily overcomes the barrier between blood and the brain and can therefore help in a variety of brain and nervous disorders. Among his other things include: headache, spiritual development, herpes, pituitary gland and epiphysis hormone,sciatica, gonorrhea,carbuncles,bleeding, laryngitis, meningitis, tension, nervous disorders, defense against infections, immune system transmission, respiratory problems, prostate problems, arthritis, stress, syphilis, high blood pressure, tonsillitis, pneumonia, diphtheria, mood improvement, increased leucocyte activity.Much of this is very dangerous and possibly illegal medicinal claims even in the Czech Republic. The use of frankincense oil will do nothing for the conditions outlined and could make matters worse if people believed the crazy claims.

From another page on the same website

All comments on nutritional methods are omitted

Heavy metals are all about us. They come from water, from food, from fruits, from air, from amalgam in teeth and from vaccines. Removing them is lengthy and difficult because they are built into tissues and bone in our body.

With heavy metals associated with various symptoms: depression, low heart rate, heart failure, addiction, cancer, chronic fever, high blood pressure, autism, lost memory, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, adrenal insufficiency, facial dysfunction, candidiasis, Parkinson's disease, chronic pain, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disease and many other problems. Everything but the kitchen sink, can't she think of any more conditions!!

In order to remove them, we have to supply many of the elements that are replaced in the body, then the substances that are excreted into the blood and lymphs and then use absorbents to remove the excreted metals and safely bring them out. Otherwise they may be reabsorbed or damage the kidneys. This sounds like fantasies and/or marketing lies.

Features that need to be delivered: Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, amino acids (for detoxification) and omega 3 fatty acids (due to  regeneration of the nervous system), sea salt or fresh goat whey (equilibrium electrolytes). Evidence please.

If you choose to use doTerra Lifelong Vitality - you will find there some of the most urgent elements. I wondered when we were going to get to the marketing!

From essential oils you can use:

Mixture for removal of metals from the brain: 4 drops incense, 5 drops  helichrysum, 3 drops  cypress, 3 drops  lavender. Bring into 10ml roll-on bottles and add red diluent oil (best with fractionated coconut).This is 100% marketing lies without any basis of truth.

Apply twice a day from the back of the ears to the neck down to the collarbone. Since not enough oil can be absorbed into the bloodstream to get into thecirculation I fail see to how this blend could remove metals from the brain. In addition, the neck is an area that easilly develops sensitisation reactions from the incorrect use of essential oils.

Inside the capsule: 2 drops Cilantro (coriander) and 2 drops incense twice a day.

Cilantro is also wiped (detoxification of the upper half of the body) and on the knees (lower half of the body). See paragraph above, total trash.

We take 1 month, then we have a pause of one month and then go on again. Total detoxification and regeneration may take several months or a year, even more, depending on the weight, degree of difficulty and amount of metal in the body. All the above is 100% trash, unverified, undocumented quack medicine.

As a result of the extraction of heavy metals, they usually activate a hidden infection (including boreliosis), it is recommended that the following month (or even during the first, depending on the situation) should be used: 2 times a day in a capsule for one drop essential oils and add carrier oil: cinnamon, clove, cassia and oregano. These oils also help to remove heavy metals. Total trash. No distinction of the type of “cinnamon” oil. The bark oil is highly dangerous. Why use cassia as well since it is almost identicle to cinnamon bark oil.

During the day, you can drink water with citrus oil - lemon, orange, grapefruit, or use it in a capsule. Oil and water again, they do not mix. Beware of adulterated essential oils for internal use.

From other means of removing heavy metals, I recommend oil from cedar seeds and chlorella, which acts as an absorption medium, Heavy metals from the tissues also pulls out. Which cedar essential oil as there are at least 3 different kinds? None of the cedar essential oils are produced from crushed seeds.This is 100% trash, unverified, undocumented quack medicine.

Some of this information seems to be drawn from articles suggesting that cilantro herb and a few others can chelate heavy metals and reduce their levels in the body. As is typical with doTerra and Young Living agents and teachers, they do not have a clue about the difference between the use of a herb in the diet and the use of the same plants essential oil. The two are completely different with different constituents and with different actions in the body.

Other information looks as if it came from the dreadful book by David Stewart-see my books section for a review by Robert Tisserand.

It seems that the majority of this wrong and dangerous information is written by agents of doTerra and Young living. It is marketing at any cost no matter who they damage.
The remainder is omitted as not relevant to essential oil use.

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