Underlying this treatment is the long discredited USA based Young Living and Gary Young. It seems that they may have guessed legal action might be coming from the FDA in America. So by spreading their lying and manipulating ways overseas they could keep the profits rolling in. Now with the establishment of a training organisation in the UK, Young Living and their Raindrop therapists are spreading fast.

Over many years people have been plugging away trying to get the FDA in the USA to take action against Y.L. and their dangerous and illegal treatments and claims. At long last in 2014 they did after the distributors claimed that essential oils could cure Ebola: http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/2014/ucm416023.htm

I am not the only person who has exposed Young Living and their dangerous founder quack and confidence trickster Gary Young. In addition to the articles by others below, I have copies of files from web sites that no longer exist, or where Young Living lawyers have threatened action in the USA and sites such as facebook removed the files. If they threaten me my response would be “see you in court”.

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You may think some of the above articles have nothing to do with raindrop therapy. The point is that the whole system was developed by Gary Young an untrained con man who knew nothing about essential oils safety.

Among the numerous lies promoted by the word raindrop therapists is that Gary Young was an “ND”. This is not true and many call him “Dr”.In fact, he purchased a certificate from a fake “University”. More on other articles on this site or the articles above.

“Young Living thrives because it rewards you for doing the most natural thing in the world: sharing”.  It rewards those poor misled souls who sign up as distributors, but only as long as the sales continue. This is a multi-level (Pyramid) marketing organisation which is of questionable legality in the UK.

Seed to seal: “The seeds we use are selected for their scientifically proven ability to become plants with the highest possible levels of bioactive compounds”.  Since when were frankincense and myrrh trees grown from seed? Also, other trees including the eucalyptus much loved of YL distributors. If grown from seed it was long before YL was created. On the YL web site is a map of their farms; this is aimed at misleading people into thinking they are big when other essential oil producers are far bigger. See the article on 'Gary Young in Somalia' and the websites exposing his lies.

“Each essential oil must pass Young Living's stringent testing to ensure the optimal bioactive natural compounds are present”. Many of the “bioactive” substances in plants and essential oils are still to be discovered. Therefore analysis cannot determine if they are in a particular oil or not. All that can be established is if certain chemicals are there in the volumes acknowledged by the wider scientific world (not Young by Living).

Please beware of references to the joke “research” organisations allied to Young Living such as airase.org. This is a scam aimed at making YL followers think they are a credible organisation. They are far from it and even their file on the history of essential oils has the same gross lies told by Young Living. They also seem to be a back-door method to give unsound scientific references to YL members (thus avoiding the FDA). They are implying that Melissa oil can cure Diabetes when the research is to rats given injections of formalin to induce pain, then they were fed Melissa oil for 4 weeks and decapitated.
Strange, I thought YL distributors said their oils were not tested on animals?  These kind of tests can rarely be replicated in humans at the levels of use in the experiments concerned. As an aside Melissa oil is one of the most widely adulterated/created essential oils and its use in cosmetics is banned by reputable trade safety organisations due to a lack of safety data.                   

Claimed research references on raindrop therapy and similar sites: These are used to fool people into thinking the therapy is credible. However, try following some of them up and you will find they have little to do with raindrop therapy. You will often find a single piece of research such as J Pathol. 1979 Sep;129(1):9-12. Where “Virus-like particles” were found in the skeletal muscles of 6 six cases of idiopathic scoliosis. This has been spun by Gary Young into “raindrop oils penetrate the skin and kill the viruses that cause scoliosis”. There is no scientific or traditional medicine basis to this claim because there is no evidence that either viruses or toxins cause scoliosis.

Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences (2005), 59, 363 is referenced on some raindrop sites as proof that essential oils increase blood flow to the prefrontal cortex.  If you get this document you will see the authors speculate this may be the case. There are in fact dozens of well conducted research papers proving that aroma affects the brain in various ways. The aroma does not have to be from the application of an essential oil to the body, indeed it can happen just as well via the use of synthetic perfumes (not that I am advocating that).  This is just one more of many examples of Young Living and their agents perverting science to suit their selling purposes.

The biggest problem with raindrop therapy is it flies in the face of all known safety data about essential oils. Sound safety data on the side effects of essential oils dates back over 40 years. It was compiled from dermatology clinics around the world and via tests on humans of each oil by highly qualified dermatologists. When Gary Young first started his cult he knew nothing about safety data and so ignored all the known dangers. When he did find out he tried to cover his back by claiming only Young Living oils could avoid such reactions as only they were therapeutic grade”. For example, putting undiluted Thyme, Peppermint, Clove and Cinnamon bark oil on the skin can cause burns. When their patients reported that they had a bad reaction it was dismissed as “meaning that the toxins were being released by the body”,“burning the toxins out” or similar terms. Please see the other articles for more.

Statement on a UK raindrop therapist's site: “The common availability of such adulterated oils has caused some aromatherapists, who unsuspectingly and routinely use such products, to conclude that it is not safe to use an essential oil directly (neat) without diluting it down to a 2-5% concentration in a neutral fatty base”. This statement is absurd. The dilution issue has nothing at all to do with the adulteration issue. The dangers of using 100 percent genuine oils on the skin have been known about for over 50 years and are widely documented.

I am certain that some of the therapists who are offering raindrop therapy in the UK are in other respects good caring therapists. However, like thousands in the USA, they have been beguiled and had their minds manipulated by the slick marketing and lies of the Young Living organisation. I had intended giving the names of UK businesses offering this therapy but decided against it because some of their other treatments may be fine.

Many credit Gary Young for inventing this treatment based on his time with a Lakota wiseman. This is the first lie which was exposed by the granddaughter of Wallace Black Elk in which she stated :
Don Gary Young is a known quack who has claimed to have learned and modified a "technique" from Grandfather Wallace. Don was a "monkey"….. who hung around Grandfather, he was a "monkey-see, monkey-do". He would imitate things he saw without knowledge, without wisdom and without any knowledge of our Grandfather. He never "worked with" nor was he ever taught, endorsed or recognized by Grandfather. He has stained our beautiful Grandfather's name and it has to stop”. Note that his real name is Donald, not Dr. as written on Young Living marketing sites.

The claims made by Young Living distributors and Young himself changed over the years as challengers proved him to be a liar.  What started out as claiming that he “got the technique” from the Lakota, latter changed to he “modified the technique”. You will come across old web pages going back years with different claims later proven to be lies which Young Living and Gary Young subsequently changed.

On several UK therapists blogs and sites you will find the same old trash long disproved in the USA such as: “Often many types of spinal problems and misalignments are caused by toxins that lie dormant within the spine”. That is complete and utter nonsense. Most people are born with scoliosis and only an operation (if it is severe) can fix the problem. If it is mild (like mine) you can have osteopathy to relieve the stresses in ligaments and muscles,but essential oils cannot change bone structure. Anyone who tells you differently is a quack.

You will see “Practitioners have noticed that clients increase in height post treatment by as much as 2cm”.  Sure, a good massage releasing stressed back muscles can make someone stand taller, but the oils doing that by penetrating the tissues and killing viruses is absolute nonsense.

To make these claims even more ludicrous are “that essential oils can penetrate the skin and kill viruses”. There is no sound evidence for the skin penetration claims. Even worse is the fact that most essential oils are not antiviral in humans. Where essential oils have indicated some antiviral activity,thishas only been from the results of testing on cell cultures. With viruses you cannot just assume that any tests in-vitro will be replicated in the living body. Young Living has always taken the results of unrelated scientific research and twisted the results to market their oils. Hence the reason the FDA had to step in when distributors started claiming that Ebola could be cured using essential oils. Now they are making veiled claims that Frankincense oil can cure cancer, no mention of which cancers!!!

You will see “release of toxins from central nervous system”. Do people really believe that our nerves store toxins?

"Some of the diluents used in essential oils are odourless, colourless petrochemicals (which are cheap). However, such components can be harmful to one's health when applied to the skin, taken internally, or inhaled over a period of time". Please see my article about the toxin toluene in their Frankincense oil. Even if it is a natural chemical as the result of distillation, it is still dangerous if consumed as advocated on Young Living followers blogs.

Some of these therapists give the same references to trials of essential oils that are covered in other articles on my site. When examined in detail it will be found that the vast majority of these pieces of scientific research have absolutely no relevance to the use of raindrop therapy. Even worse is that some of the research has not been evaluated by knowledgeable experts. Indeed it would seem that some of the scientists cited had their work funded by Gary Young and/or Young Living.

Another lie, worth mentioning is that there is no such definition within the REAL essential oil trade.

Yes, there have always been “grades” in the real essential oils trade, but never a “therapeutic grade”. Indeed standards set in some National Pharmacopoeias are far from reliable.  What the real essential oil traders want to know is “is this Peppermint oil English, US, Chinese or what”?. If English or US Peppermint oil is used can make little difference therapeutically, but makes a big difference for the flavour trade.

These sites and therapists claim that Young Living oils are better than anyone else and the invented term “therapeutic grade” is constantly used.  To make these claims even more unfounded, suspicions about the quality of Young Living oils going back many years were recently confirmed. A video was released to social media of a lawyer questioning an essential oil analyst who once worked on Young Living oils. *That proved Gary Young did not care in the least about quality issues. This video was constantly removed from social media sites after legal threats from Young Living lawyers, but some of us kept copies as evidence. The analyst refused to continue working for Young Living as a result of the deception.

Young Living claim only their oils are genuine. This is another outrageous lie propagated by the Young Living organization and its representatives. Absolutely genuine essential oils have been Internationally traded for over a hundred years. This is because they have always formed a vital part of quality perfumes and food flavourings.  The real essential trade have long established organisations and superb scientific research publications which were all available long before Young Living was founded.  That is not to say that essential oils adulteration does not occur, it does, but that is not the point at issue. The point is numerous other suppliers have 100 percent genuine oils.

Young Living claims only they get their oils analysed by expertswhich is another blatant falsehood promulgated by the Young Living organization. Indeedthere is evidence that Gary Young did not care about oil quality from the reference above. The large International traders have oil samples analysed by world leading experts because these businesses do not want to inappropriately pay the oil producers.  The real essential oils trade deals in oils by the ton, not with little bottles. Therefore any low-grade oils traded as high-grade by producers can cost them dearly, financially and in reputation.

Beware of all claims about essential oils being used in biblical times.Essential oils were not available then. What was used were infused oils, or resins dissolved in wine. This aspect is pushed like crazy by Young Living as a method to delude Christians into believing their hype.

“The electromagnetic frequencies present in natural oils is absent in the synthetically produced version”. This is nothing but pseudo-science. They simply ignore the fact that the plants yielding essential oils are cooked in exactly the same way that your vegetables are cooked. To claim that any healing energies remain is just preposterous. The concept of Essential oils having energies which could help heal the body is a modern concept invented and promoted by a French con artist. Two individuals in France promoted these unfounded concepts because they knew nothing about the true nature of essential oils. One of those individuals was associated with Young Living for a while and YL teachers have always continued promoting this misleading and false concept.

Some health and educational organisations in the USA and other countries have banned the use of Raindrop Therapy, but it is sometimes only in their membership rules and may not be on their website. Here is one association which bans its use:http://www.alliance-aromatherapists.org
Please, if you live in the UK and are considering going to a therapist offering raindrop therapy using undiluted essential oils, do not go if that is all they offer. There is nothing to justify its use. It may also cause you major skin reactions as has already been experienced in the US following raindrop therapy.
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