These reviews of two lectures are from the recent Essential Oils Revolution online conference. I have decided to release these two reviews separately because they contain such exceptionally bad information and I know more exploitative marketing exercises are happening soon.   

Essential Oils for Gut, Thyroid, and Adrenals
By Dr. Josh Axe

Black text from his speech. Blue my comments.

Dr. Zielinski: “We put together something that no one has ever put together with this summit, the first nonbrand specific Essential Oils Summit”.  It is amazing to see the use of the word “Nonbrand”, when most of the speakers are doTerra distributors. The conference listeners are directed to the speakers' blogs and most have links to doTerra for ordering oils, or a private email request will also give doTerra as the recommended company. 

In my opinion, this conference was created as a backdoor method for distributors to continue making these outrageous medical claims. Speakers can say almost anything, but distributors websites cannot. Hence the reason Zielinski states that it is “nonbrand”.

For those who do not know, the FDA took action last year issuing warning notices to doTerra and their distributors for making illegal medicinal claims for their essential oils.

Dr. Josh Axe is a quack. His website section on essential oils is loaded with outrageous,  misleading and possibly illegal claims of what essential oils can do. He seems to be trying to persuade people that certain oils can cure cancer while his information is based on misleading scientific research. His rhetoric is exactly the kind of thing we see from the multi level oil companies. My serious advice is ignore his information and don't risk your physical health or waste cash on his quackery.

Dr. Axe: “Yeah. I agree. I know for you and I and Jill, our mission is does this help more people get healthy and to stop using synthetic drugs and medications and make over what they're using as medicine today with essential oils that have been proven and used for thousands and thousands of years without side effects”.  The real 'mission' is to promote the sale of their products and their misinformation on essential oils.

“And praise God” isconstantly repeated to grab Christians' heart strings!!

Page 7. “you can use essential oils, plant-based medicine that's been used for over
5,000 years”.  Not true, essential oils have certainly not been used for this amount of time.

“But our medical system today is actually the number three killer in the United States today, the adverse side effects of drugs. And those adverse side effects, the first place they typically damage is the gut and especially cause absorption issues. They actually block the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. And the good news is that’s not a side effect of essential oils”. This is wrong in so many aspects. Firstly, not all drugs cause gut absorption issues. Secondly, the wrong essential oil in the wrong volume can burn mucus membranes and so they are not harmless. Thirdly there is no evidence that essential oils affect gut permeability.

“And so, again, your gut health…Really your entire body's health begins in your gut”. Misleading nonsense. Body health is frequently tied up with faulty genes that you are born with. It is quite bizarre that a “Dr.” would not know this.

Page 9. “But most of the time I'll use it topically. I'll rub it right on their abdomen with chamomile oil. I’ll rub that on their neck”.  Since there is no sound evidence that essential oils are absorbed by the skin in clinically significant amounts. Why rub it on the neck where the skin is thin and where the chances of a sensitization reaction are higher, or of course provoke a photosensitization reaction for certain oils?

“if you look at peppermint oil, there are studies on patients with irritable bowel syndrome, IBS. And they found just tremendous, tremendous benefits”.  Yes, but only if enteric coated capsules are used. There is no evidence that taking undiluted Peppermint oil can have a similar effect. Years of research were needed to produce Peppermint oil capsules that could produce an effective therapeutic action.

“we start using essential oils that can help support in reducing intestinal inflammation. And ginger is a great one for that, as well. I would say ginger and peppermint together” Both of these oils are well acknowledged as mucus membrane irritants. You can't have an anti inflammatory action if the substance is also an irritant.

Page 10. “I know some of our other amazing world-class speakers have talked about frankincense and its ability to fight cancer”.  Now which speaker is world class I wonder?  All we have seen is the misleading hogwash on Frankincense spun by marketing scammers. There is no scientific evidence from human trials that frankincense oil fights cancer.

Page 11. “And you make such a good point, doc, because our skin is a sponge. It actually can absorb. I've seen a study that talked upwards of 75% of the chemicals that are in any lotion or any hand sanitizer, it will absorb it in the bloodstream. So that's considerable. And that’s shocking”.  What is shocking is that his readers actually believe this utter trash containing one lie after another. Where are the references?

Page 12/13. “I want to talk about with thyroid health. And that's frankincense oil and thyme oil. And frankincense, we know as we talked about earlier really modulating the immune system is one that you can just do two or three drops on your hand. Rub it right on the outside of where your thyroid is”. Quack, quack, quack, and dangerous if someone with a faulty thyroid gland did as suggested instead of using prescribed medication.

“Well, the amazing thing about Thyme oil is it has phytoprogesterones or phytoprogestins”.
The hormone-like substances that plants produce are for their own growth and are not human hormones. Thyme oil has traditionally never been used as a hormone regulator.

Page 14. “I saw just some recent information on Sandalwood actually helping out with low
testosterone”.  Which sandalwood from where? Sandalwood oils vary hugely in chemical profile depending on its origin. For many years the only oil from India has been as the result of criminal exploitation by gangs. And again we see no reference for these claims?

"Dr. Zielinski: Fantastic. A good close friend of ours, she's postmenopausal. She was hypothyroid. She had hypothyroidism. She was on Thyroxine. It was causing so many side effects, everything from brain fog to sleeplessness, so many different things. She actually just started applying very slightly diluted or straight neat frankincense over the thyroid just like you said". He said, she said, typical quack marketing. Frankincense oil has no history of use for thyroid problems.

Page 16. “There actually are some great studies on lavender actually balancing out blood sugar levels, being effective in those with diabetes”.  This is really dangerous quackery.

Page 17. “And, again, cedarwood is referenced by King Solomon and King David
throughout the Bible”.  Yes, Cedar wood of Lebanon, an endangered species from which essential oil is not produced. The closest is Atlas cedar oil and much of that is adulterated.

Page 18. Dr. Axe: “I know Chelsea, my wife, she makes her own at home here. And she does something that's a blend with Jasmine oil and lavender oil”. Jasmine is not an essential oil but an absolute. That statement shows how little these people really know!!       

Page 19. “We're talking 90,000 shares on Facebook from your frankincense article alone, 60,000 shares from oregano, and 30,000 shares for lavender”.  Poor gullible and misguided people who believe facebook blogs are an accurate source of information.

Summary: Of all the reviews I have done of this conference this is one of the worst. It is nothing but a heap of misleading hype to ensnare those who have little knowledge about essential oils.

The Kings Medicine Cabinet
By Josh Axe

The biggest quack I have come across after Gary Young!  In addition to the lies in this lecture, his own website is packed with lies and misleading information.

The title is the first lie. “The Kings Medicine Cabinet”
None of the Kings and Queens mentioned used distilled essential oils.

Page 1. “Well, according to ancient documentation, you would have found essential oils”.
Already the start of this discussion contains a blatant lie, as there were NO essential oils in ancient times.

Page 2. “By concentrating the oils of these plants you are literally separating the most powerful healing compounds of a plant into a single oil”.  This is incorrect, many herbs contain their most active compounds only in the water and alcohol extracts. Generalizations like these indicate a very weak knowledge of plant extracts and their chemistry.

Page 4. “It appears that it was the Egyptians made extensive use of herbs with distillation methods dating back 3,500 B.C”. Again this is wrong information asthere is no evidence of this.  The temple walls and tombs are covered with illustrations of cosmetics manufacture and no one has discovered illustrations of distillation apparatus.

“When King Tut’s tomb was opened 350 liters of essential oils were discovered in alabaster jars”.  This is just an outright lie.  What was found were jars of fatty unguents in which aromatic plants had been infused. Again this shows either a feeble knowledge of essential oils, their history, and methods of extraction, or someone who does not care as long as people are duped into buying his products.

“Also, essential oils were used by Moses and were referenced in the Bible”.  Another lie. What were used were aromatic infused oils, not essential oils and the two are significantly different. In addition, it is not clear what herbs were used in the area because of the many translations that the Bible went through. Common names for herbs in English may not be botanically correct, or correct in the Bible's original languages.  The other problem is some of the wild herbs in the wider Palestine area can have a different chemical profile to those commonly used to produce essential oils now.  For example, I saw a lot of Rue growing among the Ancient tombs on Cyprus. This plant was completely different to our common Rue. In fact their Rue was sweet smelling and ours is foul. Therefore you could not assume Rue mentioned in the Bible would have similar effects to our common Rue.

“During that time frankincense was used to support the immune system and fight infection which could heal a sick child. Myrrh was known to help healing after pregnancy and support hormonal health”. Certainly the resins were widely used as healing agents, for embalming and for incense. However, as knowledge of the immune system and hormones did not exist, this is all modern speculation presented to look like facts.

“Persia picked up these healing techniques and perfected the essential oil distillation process”.  It is likely that the Babylonians knew about distillation way before the Greeks or Romans. It is believed that early stills were used to produce kerosene from the natural oil pits in the area, and was used for oil lamps in Babylon.  The stills do not seem to have been used for essential oils but possibly for rose water.  So once again this J. Axe is twisting the facts to appeal to his Christian followers.

Page 6. “Essential oils are composed of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells”,  
I know of no valid research on this issue.

“Essential oils placed anywhere on the body are “transdermal” which means they can actually pass through your skin and into your circulatory system and cells”.  There is far more evidence against this philosophy than there is to support it.

Page 8. The oil grades mentioned are creative inventions. In the REAL essential oils trade (not the aromatherapy trade) there is no such thing as  a “therapeutic grade”. An essential oil is either 100 percent originating from the named plant, or it is not. The fact an oil has been modified may actually improve its therapeutic use. Other oils can be rectified to improve their quality and safety. Rene Gattefosse, the man credited with inventing the name 'aromatherapy' mainly used deterpenated essential oils. He found some were far better for wound healing than the 100 percent natural oils.

“Creating true quality essential oils starts with planting high quality plants in nutrient dense organic soil”. This again casts serious doubts on Mr. Axe’s professional knowledge, training, and background. Many herbs from the Lamiacea family grow naturally in rocky dry soils with low fertility and often with a high salt content from sea spray.  The best Tunisian wild grown Rosemary oil comes from plants growing on hillsides with poor soil. These herbs are clever and make what they need from the sun, a splatter of rain and a few minerals in the soil.   It is only when the plants are commercially grown that fertilizers may be used.  The Frankincense trees which he keeps talking about grow in arid sandy and rocky soils with sparse organic materials in the soil apart from maybe the odd goats droppings if they are lucky!

Page 9. Some of these key points to apply the oils are total fabrication. There is no evidence that they are absorbed via the skin.  This speaker needs to go back to school and learn anatomy and physiology if he believes putting them on the thick skin of the soles of the feet will enhance penetration.

Page 10. “Research suggests that many oils are more effective when taken orally”. Whose research, what about some references to this research?

Internal use is covered by other articles on this site, The public are playing with fire assuming the multi level companies only have pure oils. I refer you again to my article on Toluene in Frankincense oil.

Page 11. “Lavender oil balances blood sugar for diabetes”. Now I understand why this speaker and similar ones do not give references. The Tunisian research (which is what he is basing this claim on) does not relate to human health but to experimenting on rats.

1. The researchers tested Lavandula stoechas oil which is nothing like what most professionals consider as “Lavender oil”.  The chemical composition is so remote from true Lavender that few of the acknowledged therapeutic properties would be similar. Indeed this oil has only 2 percent of linalool which is partially responsible for the relaxant actions of true Lavender oil.

2. The experiments were conducted on rats who had their peritoneum injected with the oil for a period of 15 days.  So not only does Dr Axe twist experiments of little relevance to human health, but by so doing he is exploiting animal cruelty!!

He also says that Lavender oil will “lower blood cholesterol”. This can be a dangerous disorder. Not only is the oil being sold totally different from the oils that were tested, but there is no sound evidence for the claims made of physical effects via external application of the oil.

Page 12. “Research has found peppermint can improve antibiotic resistance”. These multi level scammers seem to have a love affair with Peppermint oil as its use is replicated in most of these presentations. We are not sure what he means by the above statement. Is he saying the use of Peppermint oil decreases the ability of our body to accept antibiotics? If so that is again a very important and dangerous statement. It seems on the contrary that it would reduce the effect of any antibiotics given for life-threatening infections.

“Peppermint oil is anti-viral.”  I do not know of any such research in humans, but I do know of such research with Peppermint tea which shows anti-viral activity, as do several other plants in the same family. My guess is yet again someone who does not understand the fundamental differences between the oil and the herb; probably does not care as long as he pulls in the sales and new devotees.

Page 13. “Lemon is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from any part of the body”.
Complete and utter nonsense. Lemon juice might help but certainly not the essential oil.

“According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology last year, lemon oil may actually be the most powerful anti-microbial agent of all the essential oils”.
I have just searched that journal online and cannot find the research he refers to.  What I do know is Lemon oil is notorious for oxidizing within a short period of time unless an antioxidant is added. That is often done without it being declared on labels because it is a long accepted trade practice in order to reduce the chances of undesirable chemicals forming. It is common to find scientists in Universities close to production areas where they can obtain fresh sample of oils. These can have a variety of antimicrobial actions if fresh, but given a few weeks very little activity. Some scientists are also notorious for purchasing commercial oils, testing them for activity, but failing to establish if preservatives have been added to the oil which alone would have an antimicrobial action. I would never rely on Lemon oil as an antimicrobial.

“Another study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine found that breathing
in the scent of lemon essential oils improved neurological activity that promotes the breakdown of body fat”.  Please see what the actual research says below:

Grapefruit Oil and Lemon Oil on the Activity of Sympathetic Branch in the White Adipose Tissue of the Epididymis

Exp Biol Med (Maywood) November 2003 vol. 228 no. 10 1190-1192

Niigata University School of Medicine, Asahimachi-dori, Niigata 951-8510, Japan, and
Division of Protein Metabolism, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University, Osaka 565-0871, Japan

…....This study addressed the effect of olfactory stimulation with the scent of grapefruit oil and lemon oil on the efferent nerve activity in the sympathetic branch of the WAT of the epididymis in the anesthetized rat. The results of the experiments demonstrated that the flavor of the citron group increased sympathetic nerve activity to WAT in anesthetized rat, which suggests an increase in lipolysis and a suppression in body weight gain.

So once again we find a piece of fundamental research corrupted into something different in order to sell oils. Without the whole paper you just do not know how much oil the rats were exposed to.

Lemon oil “Cleanses body and lymphatic system” Not true, this is hype to sell oils.
Lemon oil “Can reduce cellulite” Not true, this is hype to sell oils .
Lemon oil “Improves weight loss” Not true, this is hype to sell oils .

Page 14. Frankincense.

“Recent research published in the Journal of Oncology has found frankincense to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells better than chemotherapy”.   I have research papers dating back before the 1990s. Most of that research has been in vitro on cell lines using boswellic acid and from different varieties of the tree. None of the research on its anticancer actions has been done on humans. Most of the claims made by this speaker are baseless. Frankincense has not even been used in  traditional medicine for most of the conditions he makes claims for.  It happens to be one of my favorite oils so I despise people who corrupt its true uses to cheat people with cancer who are seeking relief from their condition.

Page 15. Tea Tree Oil. “Cleanses poison”.  What the heck does that mean?
“Eliminates parasitic infections”. Well perhaps if enough was drunk!
“Put directly on bug, mosquito or spider bites to detox poison”. There is no evidence that Tea Tree oil can change the chemistry of a poison bite. Sooth it and disinfect perhaps.

Page 16. 6. Protective blend. Like many others Mr Axe includes Cinnamon oil without defining which, bark or leaf?

Orange peel oil. “d-limonene as an anti-inflammatory”. In fact it is the opposite: it is an irritant.

“shown to improve metabolic function”.  In that case why is it that people who consume lots of soda type drinks and other junk food containing orange oil are not the healthiest on the planet? People, the main use of Orange oil is in the foodtrade, the main use of d-limonene (a by-product from orange oil) is in household and industrial cleaning products. Please think about the main commercial uses of some of these essential oils when you read this kind of pseudo medical hype!!

“Cinnamon oil has been shown to help balance blood sugar and has an incredible aroma. This oil was also used by Moses to protect God’s people against sickness and disease and was part of holy anointing oil blend”. Once again he does not indicate which type, but also makes an outright lie about Moses, they did not have distilled Cinnamon oils during that period of history.  Also, if he means Cinnamon bark oil, it is a known sensitizer and is extremely caustic and irritant if used undiluted.

Page 17.  Ignore these claims based on 6. Protective blend because without knowing the proportions of the different oils in the blend you could cause more harm than good.

Page 18. “Ginger essential oil is one of the most anti-inflammatory oils in the world and can help settle GI distress. Using ginger oil has also been shown to help heal leaky gut and strengthen immunity”. Ginger oil (like the fresh root), is an irritant, which is the opposite of his claims.

“Also, fennel helps cleanse toxins by stimulating the liver and naturally balances hormones”.  Scam artists like to mislead people by using this hyped word “toxins”.

“Put 3 drops in mouth before meals to avoid acid reflux”. Reflux in most people is due to a weak leaky esophageal valve. Therefore, this remedy will not stop the reflux. I have personally experienced this condition, and had the operation despite being a herbalist and trying everything to fix the problem. This remedy will however help aid digestion.

Page 20. Essential oil charts. The recommendation for undiluted use on the skin flies in the face of all well-acknowledged safety data.  This is particularly dangerous because he does not specify volumes. 

Cinnamon again contains no mention of which type and the two oils have totally different therapeutic uses and safety issues. Wintergreen is a very dangerous extract that is not a true essential oil because it does not occur in the plants tissues. It should never be used during pregnancy.

Summary. This Josh Axe is a trickster offering dangerous misleading and incorrect information. Anyone considering consulting with him or taking his lessons after reading this, beware. You may become ensnared into multi level selling scams and participate in ineffective and dangerous health treatments. 

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