am republishing the article below with the permission of the author. This
report ties up nicely with my other article about 'doTERRA in Europe'.

Due to this company not providing accurate safety information, users of their
products are being harmed. Instead false information is promoted:

1. “people only get reactions to adulterated oils”.
2. “that these kind of reactions are just the body “detoxing”.
Both concepts are total nonsense and 100% false.

The horrific experiences of Stacey Haluka

I am hoping that my story will help save someone else from having to go through
anything close to what I lived with, and the hell I lived through. It would be
irresponsible of me to not go public with my story and photographs, to share with
others what could happen when using CPTG essential oils, especially since dTERRA is
now launched in Canada. I choose to no longer suffer in silence.

I enrolled with dTERRA in October of 2014. In November, I noticed a small rash on
my left arm, so I applied Melaleuca oil on it. I have used Tea Tree oil from the health
food store several times in the past if I had a cut or scrape, and it has always helped
me. However, after applying Melaleuca on it for a couple of days, the rash got worse
and started spreading. I began asking other Wellness Advocates what I should use,
as there is no one at dTERRA who can answer these questions for you. I was advised
to try oils good for the skin, which included Lavender, Geranium, Lemongrass, Myrrh,
and “when in doubt, use Frankincense”.

A few days later I ended up going to the emergency room as it was just unbearable. I
felt like someone had locked me in a room with mosquitoes, wasps and fire ants and
left me there. The doctor I saw told me that there was nothing he could do, and that I
needed to go back to my family doctor. He gave me a prescription for a strong anti-
histamine (APO-HYDROXYZINE 25MG) to help with the itching and burning keep
myself comfortable.

Upon further research about reactions with dTERRA oils, it seemed that people that
have had reactions generally need to do a detox, or it’s a sign of candida die off (at
least that’s what others told me). This was when I began doing the detox/reboot with
GX Assist, PB Assist, TerraZyme and LLV. I completed 2 rounds of the detox over a
couple of months. In the midst of this I had a spot on my face that I applied
Frankincense to, and the next day that spot was red. I put Frankincense on it again,
and the next day it was worse so I tried Lavender, and it got worse again. I kept
applying Lavender as it was supposed to help with open sores, and I was afraid that
the rash was spreading to my face so I began to panic. As you can see by the photos I
have attached, it got really bad. This was when I decided to stop everything, I
stopped using the oils and supplements completely


Photos taken consecutively March 17, 18, 19 and 20, 2015


Photos taken March 22 to March 31, 2015, after I stopped applying oils and taking supplements.


Now what? Will this ever end? My friends always commented on how beautiful my skin
was. Why is my body failing me now? There were so many questions, with absolutely
no answers. According to tests, I was perfectly healthy. Throughout this whole ordeal I
was in a living hell. I literally locked myself away from the world, I saw very few
friends as I didn’t want anyone to see me like this, and to be honest, I didn’t want to
see anyone, I even avoided telling my family how bad this had gotten. If I left the
house, it was only for brief periods of time and only after I had lathered myself in
anti-itching cream. I didn’t let anyone see me unless they were helping me heal. I
became severely depressed and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was
miserable, depressed, in pain and on edge.

In June of 2015 I went to see an allergy specialist. Once again, I was given more
medications (30GM LYDERM CREAM 0.5% and ELIDEL CRM 1% PIMECROLIMUS 1%)

In December of 2015 I went to my family doctor again, and left with another
prescription (30 KETODERM CREAM).

In February of 2016 I went to see a dermatologist who ended up taking a biopsy from
my leg, stitched me up and gave me yet another medication! (60 GM CLOBETASOL

Throughout this ordeal I lost my life, my business and had to sell my house
because I had no income and couldn't work.
I have been to several doctor’s,
have had several tests done, and the doctors have been unable to identify any other
significant health concerns. Every now and then I try to apply an oil to my body, or I
try to take the supplements in the LLV, only to have the rash break out again. At one
point I tried the Verage moisturizer and it left my face bumpy and red. There are a
few areas that have never gone away, as you can see in the photos below.

October 9, 2015     December 3, 2015      March 17, 2016


When I contacted my up-line to let them know what had happened to me, I was referred to doTERRA’s Reactions Department and called them. There were several emails and phone call conversations throughout a short period of time with two gentlemen from this department. During these interactions I had asked them if this had ever happened to anyone else, has anyone else ever had a serious reaction from using the products? I also asked if there was a plan for doTERRA to implement a training program for Wellness Advocates in regards to safety and precautions for using the products.


I told them, if I had thought for one second that these oils were the cause of what was happening to me, I would have stopped using them immediately. The other thing I had asked them several times was to have my information and photos forwarded to the Chief Medical Officer, as he is the expert and I wanted to talk to him and ask him to help me.


I was assured on several occasions that my information had been forwarded to him, and I could feel their eyes rolling and their patience growing thin with me. I never did get any answers to any of my questions, and I began to feel like I was a nuisance to them. During one conversation with doTERRA’s reaction department, he put me on hold to speak to the CMO’s secretary and came back on to tell me that yes, he has looked at my information, however he is out of town at the moment. In all honesty, I don’t believe that my information was ever sent to him as I can’t believe that someone in his position would ignore what was presented to him.


Quoted from email I sent to the Reactions Department on May 22, 2015:

I also am wondering if there have been others who have reacted so severely? Is there something in the works to create more awareness about what can possibly happen? I do not want to see anyone else go through this. From the beginning I had taken it upon myself to learn about doTERRA and the products, and with that I was researching and using every suggested protocol that I came across to try to ease the rash, the pain, itchiness, swelling and oozing. What I ended up doing was making it worse all around, but I kept trying different combinations of oils that were suggested. Had I had any inclination that they were the actual cause, I would have stopped immediately. I would really love to see some guidelines or training put in place.” AND “Also, I am going to ask you to please forward my emails to the CMO once again. I am asking for help as I would like to get to the bottom of this.”


I believe that doTERRA has been completely negligent and irresponsible in providing proper training to their Wellness Advocates in regards to Safety and Precautions. When a person enrolls and receives their first order, there is no training that is received along with this other than an email with a few links and a LIVE, BUILD and SHARE brochure. It is incomprehensible to me that a company that seems to care so much, could care so little about what could happen. The only ‘safety’ information I have ever seen is ‘dilute if you have sensitive skin’ (which I have never had sensitive skin, and have actually used other brands of essential oils for more than 15 years), ‘consult a physician if you are pregnant’, and ‘dilute for babies and small children’. That’s it!Those are the only precautions given! These essential oils are extremely powerful, distributing them to the public without any information is like a doctor providing you with a prescription without giving you information on how to use it. What if this were to happen to your child? To someone’s baby? I honestly don’t think that a baby would be able to live through this, and the mother who thought she was helping her child would forever blame herself, all because she didn’t know any better. doTERRA’s essential oils are too powerful and strong and should ALWAYS be diluted and used with caution.


doTERRA has no program, or no one to contact for questions, so people turn to each other in the Facebook groups for answers. I have documented several cases where people posted questions regarding reactions and rashes in the Facebook groups, and some of the responses that are posted are ludicrous! These people are NOT the experts!


Footnote from Martin Watt. The above lack of safety advice is disgusting. There is sound data on the dangers of certain essential oils going back over 50 years. Data that is known to all reputable essential oil suppliers. So that leaves us with a disreputable company who do not care about the health of their customers as long as the cash keeps rolling in.


I do not want anyone else to ever have to go through what I have gone through. For this reason, I am asking that doTERRA implement a thorough Safety and Precautions training program that every single current WA will have to sign off on, and every new WA will receive in form of a booklet and a DVD with their initial order that will include protocols, how to test each EO for a reaction, what to do if you have a reaction, how to use the oils safely, possible interactions, etc. I also ask that doTERRA re-train their Reactions Department to better assist people with their questions, and it may even be beneficial to have an essential oil expert on hand for people to call since the CMO is unreachable and doesn’t care enough to respond to severe cases.

Which leads me to my second request, I would like to have a meeting with the CMO. I would appreciate his expertise to help me understand why this happened to me, and what he may recommend going forward to help me. I am exhausted from trying to figure this out. The doctor’s I have seen have really been no help in regards to providing me with answers or solutions as they are only looking at things from their limited perspective of western medicine. I would like some resolution and peace of mind

When I initially enrolled with doTERRA, I truly believed that I had finally found what I have been searching for years, a holistic answer to people’s health concerns. I have not used any antibiotics, steroids, or other medications for many years……except Advil and sometimes migraine medications. I have always tried to find a natural solution to any health issues and have wanted to create awareness and help others do the same. I thought doTERRA was a dream come true! I have heard so many amazing stories of healing people have had, and believe this is my calling to help others. However I must come clean to say that my experience has not been a great one. Trust me when I say, I really wanted to believe in doTERRA more than anything, I wanted to help myself and others. However, it is very difficult for me to completely stand behind the oils and products after this experience, this has been an incredibly long and painful journey for me. Several nights I prayed that God would take me in my sleep because I couldn’t live like this anymore. I couldn’t bear to go through another day in this living hell. This experience tested my physical, emotional and mental capabilities to the point where I had completely given up on life, and I believe the severe effects of this will be something that I will have to deal with for a very long time. I have also been doing some research on the fact that once you have had severe reactions to the essential oils, you will most likely never be able to use them again, and may also develop other allergies. I can’t even begin to fathom the long-term effects and irreversible damage that has been done to my body and my immune system from taking all of these heavy medications…..all to counteract something that I thought was the answer to my prayers of finding a holistic solution to help myself, and others.

Stacey Haluka



Summary by Martin Watt
These multi level companies all operate by using mind manipulating techniques. They
convince the public by using hype created by marketingexperts. They get round
various consumer laws by claiming their distributors are “independent” and therefore
the companies are not responsible for what they do or claim. Until the FDA
intervened, their distributors were making the most outrageous dangerous illegal and
untruthful claims on what essential oils could cure.

It does seem that many Christians in America are vulnerable to the methods used by
these companies. Several of them are 'cult-like' and their members rarely question
what their gurus tell them and defend them on the blog sites. If someone sells you a
product claiming it will do things that it cannot, and they know this, it is fraud, yet our
legal systems do nothing over prosecuting these fraudulent activities.


Source aromamedical.org Copyright © 2017 Stacey Haluka

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