Revised edition 2008
By David Williams
ISBN 978-1870228-31-2
Reviewed by Martin Watt - Dec 2008

This book is something I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand the chemistry and other issues of the use of essential oils.

This edition includes many GLC charts on each different essential oil. These charts are very useful for people to see the differences between the same named oil from different geographical locations, and how that may or may not affect their olfactory and other properties.

The book taken as a whole, corrects a lot of the inaccurate information found in the popular aromatherapy books. The author has a lifetimes experience in the trades that he writes about.

The extensive section on 'burning the midnight oil' is vital reading for anyone involved in studying. The glossary is extensive, turning the book into an excellent quick reference resource. It is for those people with a thirst for accurate knowledge about their trade.

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