A tribute to an esteemed colleague.

Lynette Bosman

It is with great sadness that I am reporting the loss of a valued colleague who passed away on April 17, 2020.

Lynn was one of the few aromatherapy teachers that I recommended. We were in touch since the middle 1990s right up to two months prior to her passing.

Lynn founded the Mississauga School of Aromatherapy in Canada and the International Aromatherapists & Tutors Association (I.A.T.A.).

Lynn was a fellow fighter against deceptive aromatherapy education and claims. When she first made contact it was for help trying to establish sound standards for Canadian aromatherapy. There are reviews on the awful courses she came across in articles on this site. The trade organisations in Canada were “approving” teachers promoting inaccurate and dangerous information.

Lynn was involved in dealing with Canadian Government agencies in her efforts to try and reform aromatherapy education. However, their civil servants were only interested in 'procedures and protocols' rather than ensuring students were taught accurate and safe information. They even accepted wrong information for essential oil monographs based on “trade norms” and when told this information was wrong they did not want to know.

Due to the above Lynn went her own way. I provided education materials that she could use in her courses and she sold my publications. Any issues she needed advice on I would always try to help with.In 1999 Lynn organised the IATA conference in Toronto with some good experts in essential oil production, trade, education, safety etc.

As the multi level deceivers started to make inroads into Canada with their lies and dangerous advice, that prompted Lynn to set up a web site devoted to safety issues: www.essentialoilsafety.ca

The loss of Lynette is a huge blow to the aromatherapy, spa and beauty trades in Canada. She was constant voice in promoting higher aromatherapy education standards.I will miss her greatly.


Source and copyright: http://www.aromamedical.org
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