This health food trade journal has published a report about the death of the criminal Gary Young of Young Living. The article reads more like an ad for Young Living and is packed with hype and lies such as: “The undisputed leader of the global essential oil movement,” which is just not true. Also, no mention of the many prosecutions and fines imposed on him and the company.  PAGE NOW REMOVED

See the other articles on this site for the real truth. Also see this reddit group who have numerous very abrasive comments about him.

wholefoodsmagazine is blocking attempts to post the truth about Young and so I am putting the below on my website so that you can see that this journal is not a follower of truth which must throw doubt on the accuracy of their other articles.
Martin Watt:

The below was sent to them by Mynou de Mey but was bounced back as “name blocked”.

With all due respect and considering that it is rather "rude" to say bad things about people who have died, I need to point out that the rule of truth should always be more important than eulogies destined for great people, rather than for a person who has spent his life hurting people. Gary Young was a con artist, - the biggest in the industry of essential oils and aromatherapy -   a man who destroyed many people's lives economically and in their health. He ran his company like a religious cult financially benefiting immensely from the gullibility of his followers. This is not a man who was respected by the Aromatherapy community at large.  His life was full of lies, deceptions, and down right criminal and illegal deeds and perhaps your article should have been researched more thoroughly.

I have personally experienced death threats and insults from this company and its people on a regular basis over the years when I (and many others) exposed the truths about that company and its leadership.

It is disappointing to read that a magazine reaching people interested in health would spread this type of "news", but on the other hand it is easy to understand why you would support such a company as Young Living Essential Oils... your own financial benefit is the reason why you wrote that article, essentially to protect your investment, at the cost of hiding the truth from your readers.

Shame on you for selling products from such a dubious company, and shame on you for not exposing the Young Living company for what it REALLY is. You're a joke to me.

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