Comments taken from a videotape of a Young Living seminar.

With all the early speakers, there were hardly any checkable facts advanced.

The overall impression was that the first speakers progressed from subtle emotional blackmail, to heavier selling techniques. There were lengthy descriptions of "how Gary's oil had helped themselves and their loved ones".

The first speaker gives the scantiest of details about oils being used in his hospital to treat sores and wounds. However, the impression I gained, was he was talking about doctors treating themselves for minor cuts.

Sheryl Davies: Used emotion arousing techniques to entrap the audience. She mentions Lavender and Peppermint for healing a major surgical incision, but without saying how much was used or how it was applied.

"Patchouli around the eyes to prevent wrinkles". This is unbelievably dangerous. This statement is disgraceful as it trades on the vulnerability of people who are desperate to try anything to inhibit natural ageing. There is no evidence whatsoever that any essential oil applied to the skin can prevent wrinkles.

Lynsey Williams: Blatant scare mongering about super bugs. Clearly he is involved with marketing the oils. He was urging people to "build the biggest distribution network in the world". His historical information was wrong, such as the utter nonsense that: "the apothecaries survived the plagues in Europe because they used the blend of oils that Gary Young now has". This statement was also made:"people will think they will die unless they buy your products". That proves the outrageous dishonest marketing.

Gary Young: The usual mixture of outright lies about super bugs, plus heavy emotional blackmail and bandying about the names of "eminently well qualified doctors". Yet, most of these so called 'doctors' are not medical doctors.

He quotes "working with the French Government", I would bet this is lie. He has made numerous similar claims of working with experts that have since been proven untrue. The statement "drink only distilled water" is dangerous and amazing that a naturopath should promote such crazy ideas. Distilled water is totally lacking in the trace minerals that we need for optimum health and unless pasturised or preserved it can be a growth medium for all kinds of bugs.

"Cancer can be identified from dried blood smears ten years before it occurs". This is again an outrageous statement trading on peoples fears. He gives a whole string of theoretical conjectures about the development of super bugs and makes them sound like facts.

"You must use the oils to protect yourself against the viruses" etc. You "have the chance to save millions of people from death".

All blatant examples of evangelical and high pressure selling techniques, aimed at scarring emotionally vulnerable people into buying products.


"Oxygen reduces pain". Not used alone it does not.

"Essential oils have been around for 6000 years". This is not known.
"Essential oils contain the like-force of the plant". This is utter nonsense.

"Ravensara oil is good for pneumonia". What kind of pneumonia caused by what?

"All essential oils restore the pH balance of the body". Unbelievable nonsense.

"Cinnamon bark oil diluted can be used on the skin". This oil is hazardous even when well diluted.

"5% of wheatgerm oil preserves essential oils". This displays ignorance of the chemistry of fixed oils or their properties. It is a common error found in many aromatherapy books.

For natural mouth healing: "Birch oil in 4oz. of whine vinegar, this also removes plaque and rebuilds enamel'. Birch oil is a powerful irritant. As to it rebuilding tooth enamel, this is something new to medical science.

For a metal splinter in the EYE: "Diffuse castor oil near the eye and it will draw out the splinter. Do I really need to comment on this craziness.

For a Stye: "Melissa, rosemary, lavender applied neat over the eyelid". This is crazy advice, particularly with Melissa oil which is a powerful irritant.

The dangerous health care advice and hype go on and on with this criminally incompetent organisation and its founder Gary Young.


Post to 1998
idma is an old newsgroup that ceased in the late 1990s

Re Young Living:
I am tired of the discussions on this list about how *we* should try and help the acolytes of Gary Young. If these people cannot understand all that has been said on this list and elsewhere, then they are beyond the help of anyone other than those who specialise in de-programming the followers of *cults*.

It is the responsibility of the supplier of any products and services to educate themselves BEFORE supplying goods and services that might be hazardous. Any Young Living distributors who rely on their education just from the teachings of Gary Young, are fools. It is not for us to supply such education free of charge. Such an action is extremely unfair on those aromatherapists who have had to *pay* for their own education. Almost everything that Gary Young says, is either a lie, or is completely and dangerously wrong. It appears from his writings and teachings that he has no sound education in natural therapies or medicine. He says-'scoliosis is caused by viruses' wow, amazing discovery, and essential oils can reshape spinal vertebrae back to normal can they!!

If as it sounds from mails, Y.L. are now improving their education, then it is only because they have been pushed to it by the hassle that has been caused by some of the people on this group, both publicly and to the authorities. Alternatively, maybe one of their clones (or turncoats) on this list, has told them how much evidence we have assembled against them.

As to ‘building bridges’ with the people who have been *knowingly* selling lousy courses, phoney oils and phoney services for years (many more than just Y.L.). I for one have no interest in helping confidence tricksters who have made their fortunes over many years out of gullible people. So we are supposed to forgive and forget those that through criminal incompetence have harmed innocent members of the pubic are we? Well I can tell you no trade will be permitted to continue indefinitely with a policy like that. Watch out for legislation and regulation. Martin Watt.
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Two emails on issues related to Young Living

1) Date Aug 1998

Reply to Shanti-shortish

Shan: =Shanti responses.
Mw: =Martin Watt

Mw: You wanted to know what I meant by “Some of the people in aromatherapy use the Christian religion to brainwash vulnerable people, just in order to make cash”.

Well if you have never heard of Gary Young I am quite surprised. In his video tapes he teaches like an evangelical preacher, targeting those in his audience that subscribe to the Christian religions.  A clever, but unscrupulous form of mind control, identical to that used to get people into all kinds of religious sects.  I guess that many Young Living distributors, could now be considered to be brainwashed members of an organised sect.

The quack Gary Young is not the only one that uses the appeal of religion to target gullible people, there are a few others I could name, but they are very small fry compared to him.

Shan: I also learned many years ago about groups and what happens in those groups.

Mw:We are alike then, because I have little time for most of the groups in aromatherapy.  You don't need to be a member of any group or following if you know enough about whatever your chosen subject is.  I frequently stand alone in challenging wrong information widely promoted as FACT in aromatherapy.  People that support my views do so for one reason only, which is they have been equipped with sufficient sound information to be able to use their brain and make up their own minds.

Shan: Truly, I don't need statistics. I don't need blind studies.

Mw: Oh but you are so wrong in that opinion.  Are you telling me that you prefer to believe the very short, totally unverified, 'experience' of people in aromatherapy, which you have already acknowledged you are not happy with, before the research results of 150 years of using essential oils in other trades?

You have already acknowledged that you are not aware of the extensive research undertaken on essential oils by the organisations Imentioned in my last mail.

Shan:You use'criminal' for anyone who might have a different approach, and, of course, is not a criminal!

Mw:  No, I know exactly what the word criminal means, and I certainly would never use that word to describe someone that just disagrees with me. One thing I try and do above all else, is say to people, "look it is not just Martin Watt saying this, here are the references go and check what I say for yourself".  That is very different from many aromatherapy teachers who do not even know the meaning of the word 'reference'.

Of course few people want to recognise themselves as criminals, but when someone knowingly sells a false oil, lies about the quality of courses or goods and services, then this is fraud - a criminal activity. Unfortunately, telling such lies tends to be seen nowadays as a 'good sales pitch' and not recognised for what it really is fraud.
2) Date Nov 1998


Reply to Jim on Y.L.

Well Jim, I don't care in the slightest if you think I am the fool because I know who the real fools are!

Yes my words can be like hot pokers, but for many aromatherapists it is the only way to shake them out of their cozy little fantasy world. If people do not like my style, they are not forced to read my mails, strange though how many private mails I get urging me to continue.  That I will do as long as I can, simply because I care more about people getting the truth than I do about money.  If I just cared about money (like so many of the leading educators in aromatherapy), then I could have made my fortune several times over by now.  Ask Gary Young about how much he has made by lying to and cheating his customers!!

As to 'coming together for healing' I really do not know which planet you are living on.  Here on Earth it is not usually considered good healing practice to harm other people by incompetent practises, nor is it 'healing' to rip people off by selling phoney goods and services.  I also suggest you get a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word 'conman' which you seem to dislike so much.  The truth hurts doesn't it.

As to your statement that '99.9 percent of Y.L. distributors are God fearing souls', well I suggest they study their bibles a bit harder, look at what it says happens to people that cause harm to their neighbours and about deceit and lies. All common in the activities of Gary Young.

I have witnessed the teaching of Mr Young on video and audio tapes as well as read his book and talked to those that 'trained' with him.  His selling techniques are as an evangelical preacher, carefully targeted at those gullible people that want to believe that essential oils are Gods gift to the Earth.  The techniques used by Young are very similar to those used to get people into cults, therefore most of Y.L. followers are cultists.

Incidentally, your own words of love and peace sound to me just like the kind of poetic crap that cult followers produce in order to indoctrinate and control others.

Finally, just to dismiss another lie of Gary Young. He says a lot of the attacks against him, have been because of other essential oils suppliers being jealous of his success. Well I am not an essential oil supplier, or a regular course provider, so what is his excuse for my attacks on him? I have nothing to gain financially from attacking his credibility, but boy do I take pleasure in putting con artists up to public scrutiny.
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